WMHS Credit Recovery Class

"You must have approval from your Counselor and/or the Academic Coaches to sign up for Credit Recovery. You will only be enrolled in one semester course at a time; therefore do not pay for more than one class at a time. Refunds will not be given. Any class(es) taken must be completed within the session start and ending date.


To be enrolled into the program you must have completed the following:
1) Met with your counselor to confirm the class needed.
2) Read/agree to our course syllabus & expectations.
3) Printed out the on-line calendar and are aware of the session start/end dates.
4) Signed up for the text message reminders.
5) Turned in this receipt with Counselor and/or Academic Coach signature.

For more information visit:


Please print receipt and bring to Counselor/Academic Coach for signature


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